What benefits can a pallet wrapper offer to your warehouse solutions?

What benefits can a pallet wrapper offer to your warehouse solutions?

Millions of goods are transported on pallets every day. Pallets enable manufacturers to distribute goods around the globe quickly and efficiently without constantly loading and unloading them. The addition of packaging wrappers into the production process can add further benefits, allowing goods to be transported safely and without causing damage. Once your items are picked from the Steel Shelving, that you found at https://www.rackzone.ie/shelving/industrial-residential-shelving, in the warehouse they can be transported on pallets to the wrapping machine.

Cost savings

It can be costly to transport goods between manufacturing and warehousing sites, especially if the products are an awkward shape or fragile. A pallet wrapper might seem like an additional expense; however, it could help a business to save money. An automatic machine is more efficient at wrapping than doing so manually, reducing the amount of wrapping material required and speeding up the process. Both these factors will bring about costs savings for a manufacturer.


Palletised goods can easily become damaged in transit, especially if the goods are lightweight or delicate. A packaging wrapper can help to protect the goods by covering the entire pallet in stretch film, preventing them from becoming damaged by rain, dust or dirt. It also keeps all the goods tightly secure to stop them falling off the pallet whilst in transit. Damaged goods can have a significant impact on the profits of a business and any way in which damages can be minimised has to be beneficial.

Efficient use of space

Using packaging wrappers enables more goods to be loaded onto a single pallet. As the goods are securely fastened, there is the capability to hold more stock without having to negotiate the problem of items falling off when the pallet is overloaded. This will reduce the number of pallets that a business requires and enables more items to be stored in the same amount of space. It also means that less space will be taken up in shipping containers or lorries, reducing the cost of transportation and limiting the amount of environmental damage caused. All these efficiencies and reductions in cost can be passed on to the customer, lowering the overall price of the product.

A pallet wrapper can easily be integrated into an existing production line, freeing up valuable man hours to be used elsewhere in the business. This will enable the entire process to run more smoothly from start to finish, reduce overall https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operating_costoperating costs, and lead to a more effective and efficient supply chain.