An Outline of KP-LOK Quick Exhaust Valves

An Outline of KP-LOK Quick Exhaust Valves

A quick exhaust valve is a special valve added to the cylinder to increase the speed of the cylinder cycle during piston return. They are used for spring return or double acting pneumatic inputs. The quick exhaust valve is very sensitive and designed to open the exhaust through the pressure difference across the diaphragm. The latest valves are made of lightweight materials and can be easily supported by the system piping.KP-LOK

Need a quick exhaust valve

Since the old air cylinder model is based entirely on the speed at which air can push the control line to retract the piston into the cylinder, there is no possibility that the release time will fluctuate. By adding a stainless steel quick-release valve, the return movement of the cylinder can be faster. This valve is a Tee type three-way fitting added to the actuator line input.

How does the Quick Exhaust Valve works?

These valves increase the speed of the piston rod and evacuate the exhaust gas at the opening of the cylinder. The air does not come back through the control valve. A quick exit is used for each cylinder port to ensure that the speed of the rod increases in both directions.

The quick-release valve is a three-way valve that is installed in front of the air supply port of the cylinder. The open position shown in the diagram is always open to the atmosphere. The control instructions for the bottle or air source start from the bottom. The air supply source or control command usually comes from the control valve. The connection with the cylinder is connected in series with the other two at an angle. The film VITON or polyurethane is selected according to the needs of the service support and the size of the port. The diaphragm acts as a switching element for the valve.\

Function of the Fast exhaust valve

When the air supply or control is pressurized, the air lifts the diaphragm, closes the free vent and fills the air cylinder. This movement causes a movement of the piston in the cylinder (to the right in the case of the invention). As long as the control command is under pressure, it will stay in this position.

When the cylinder is to be retracted, the air is disconnected from the control port. This returns the diaphragm to the repose position and closes the control port. The air in the cylinder leads to the free exhaust passage. Since open exhaust gases are exposed to the atmosphere, they act quickly as the cylinder moves backward, shortening the cycle time.

Operation and installation parameters:

  • Pressure rating: up to 40 bar
  • Temperature rating: up to 120 ° C
  • Applications – Entry in pneumatic return or double acting cylinders
  • Size range –

Fractional range: 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch pipe thread

  • Sealing material
  • Viton for pipe thread size: up to 1/4 “
  • Polyurethane for Pipe threads size above ¼”
  • End Connections available

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Applications of Quick Exhaust Valves  

Do you know what a quick exhaust valve is? These are special parts used by various industries to increase the speed of circulation of the cylinder. The quick exhaust valve is a valve that allows direct expulsion or evacuation of compressed air. This can occur when the piston rod travel speed increases to shorten the cycle time. Expansion and retraction of the quick exhaust valve depends on system operating requirements.

In a typical application, the exhaust valve is installed at the inlet of a double acting pneumatic cylinder or a spring return. The air supplied by the control valve is directed to the inlet of the outlet valve. The Buna-N valve seals the vent and allows air to flow from the valve outlet to the cylinder. The compressed air presses on the piston and expands the rod and compresses the spring until it reaches the extension of the rod.