How Exactly Are Companies Using Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Technologies is the most trending technologies at present. It has now become a major game-changing technology for enterprises across varied domains. Most of the top enterprises around the world are heavily investing in this ingenious technology to become the world’s leaders in artificial intelligence (AI). These companies are readily hiring skilled & certified experts in AI in their workforce. Become a certified expert in AI by mastering knowledge of all the core technical skills, tools & algorithms by being a part of advanced AI Training In Hyderabad program by Analytics Path.

In response to the rapid advancements in AI achieved through extensive research, few of the companies have been very successful in embracing AI to provide next-level products and services.

Let’s take a clear look at how these companies are using Artificial Intelligence in practice


Alibaba is the world’s largest e-commerce platform which is having its headquarters in China. Alibaba makes use of Artificial intelligence (AI) as a part of its daily operations. AI is playing a crucial role in presenting their customers with product suggestions that would be of their interest. Alibaba makes use of NLP algorithms for generating the product descriptions automatically.


Google’s Alphabet company is trending everywhere over the past two months. This company is working effortlessly in designing self-driving technology by making use of AI & Machine Learning technologies. This self-driving technology is still in its early stages of development & Google is also using NLP to AI voice interface to schedule the calls automatically & can book appointments on your behalf.


Everyone must be aware of the advanced digital voice assistant, Alexa, which is developed by the Amazon company. Alexa makes extensive use of algorithms in AI to understand & to process commands given by the user.

Apart from these companies like Apple, Facebook, Baidu, IBM & few more have already developed AI-driven products of their own.